Why a house and land package can be a great investment Typically, people who are looking to invest in real estate look at existing homes. They don’t even consider the benefits of a house and land package and can miss out on some great investment opportunities. Some of the benefits of investing in a house and land package include tax benefits and stamp duty savings. Newly built houses can also require less maintenance and the trouble that comes with arranging it. They can also attract a better quality of tenants and have high rental yields. Newly built homes are typically low maintenance. New things generally take a long time to deteriorate and break than older things on an existing home. The fittings and fixtures are usually covered by the builders warranty, so if they do break fixing them is at the builder’s cost. Quality builders of new homes use better quality materials and use better construction techniques now than ever before. This means that new homes by a quality builder are well constructed and easy to maintain. New homes have a higher depreciation allowance than existing homes. This can mean that the tax that can be claimed back can be significant. When you buy a house and land package you can save a substantial amount of money on stamp duty. You only need to pay the stamp duty on the value of the land, not on the building costs and it is yet to be built. To get a great house and land package you need a great builder. Not all builders are the same, some a good and some are not. It is important that you get a good builder and understand exactly what you are buying. Some things will not be included in the build contract. This can create hidden build costs that you did not know about and add to the total build cost. Note: This is general and should not be considered financial advice. Before you invest, you should consider your full range of options and get advice from a professional.